Monthly Archives: April 2014

Design Classics: The Chesterfield Chair

<p>Design Classic: The Chesterfield chair is an icon of design. Described by the Oxford Dictionary as a sofa with padded arms and back of the same height and curved outwards at the top, the Chesterfield is much more, it's a an icon of British furniture design. </p>

Day 3 Light and Build 2014 – Photo Blog

<p>It’s been a busy few days in Frankfurt for our sales director, Monica Duggan. Day 1 was all about LZF and their amazing stall while on Day 2 we saw everything from a piece of paradise to branded bread. Here is a selection of images from Day 3 of the Light and Building 2014 event, the team’s last day.</p>

Day 2 Light and Build 2014 – Photo Blog

<p>From finding paradise in Frankfurt to bread with one of suppliers name, Prolicht baked into it, it's been a very exciting day, here are some images by Sales Director Monica from day two of the Light and Build Fair in Frankfurt.</p>