Working in lighting for many years, I’ve noticed one of the most difficult areas for our residential customers is lighting their living room. There are so many expectations of what lighting can do in this space and most customers have the same needs.

“I want to be able to read from my main light fitting,” they say, wandering aimlessly through our showrooms.

This is a fundamental mistakes and I always advise it’s not possible.There are three steps when lighting a living room. Firstly, you must incorporate general lighting, this is your centerpiece, be it a chandelier or surface ceiling fitting.

Secondly, there’s accent lighting such as wall or hidden fixtures and finally add some task lighting such as table and/or floor lamps.

It is important to know that reading under a main ceiling light is futile, it will cause eye strain and possibly future damage.

The same can be said for accent lighting. That is why it’s important to include table and/or floor lamps in your design scheme. The light from these fittings is targeted and can be directed to where it’s needed most.
The living room is all about atmosphere, follow the steps above and create a cozy, warm environment in which to unwind after a hard days work.
If you’d like more advice when looking at choices for your living space please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always here to offer a helping hand, we know how difficult choosing lighting can be!