Name: Brian MacDevitt
Occupation: Lighting Designer
Brief bio: New York born Brian MacDevitt is a 5 time Tony award winning lighting designer for theatrical productions. He has worked extensively on and off Broadway. He won his first Tony award in 2002 for Into the Woods with his most recent accolade coming for the Book of Mormon in 2011. Brian is also an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland.

Inspiration: Who is your design hero? My mentor Bill Mintzer
Getting out of bed:Why do you do it? Love
Luck or hard work: How did you get your big break? Both
Life: What inspires you? Nature
Looking back: What project are you most proud off? Death of a Salesman
Relax: Cinema or Couch? Cinema
Favourites: Colour, Film, Music and Book? Light blue, Team America, Fleet Foxes, The Road
Technology: Apple or android? Apple by default
Taking Notes: Handwritten or tablet? Handwritten
Dinner: If you could throw a dinner party for any three people, who would they be? Mohamed Ali, Ghandi and my parents
Other life: If you were not a lighting designer what you would be? Arsonist
I can’t live if living is without? What three things… Sun, Sky, Earth