Name: Jake Dyson
Occupation: Lighting Designer
Brief bio: Given the surname, it is no surprise to learn that Jake Dyson, son of Sir James Dyson, comes from a background in technology and innovation. The lighting designer, who runs Jake Dyson Products, a company dedicated to creating engineered lighting products that answer to the market’s needs, has hit the headlines in recent months after developing a new LED lamp that can last 37 years, the CSYS LED task light.

Inspiration: Who is your design hero? Le Corbusier
Getting out of bed: Why do you do it? To live life!
Luck or hard work: How did you get your big break? Hard work
Life: What inspires you? Imagining what is possible and achieving what potentially isn’t
Looking back: What project are you most proud off? My CSYS TASK light but I suspect I’ll be even prouder of my next product…
Relax: Cinema or Couch? Couch
Favourites: Colour, Film and Book? Blue; Just watched ‘This is 40’ which made me laugh; don’t have time to read!
Technology: Apple or android? Apple
Taking Notes: Handwritten or tablet? Handwritten
Dinner: If you could throw a dinner party for any three people, who would they be?
Barack Obama (to give my views on gun culture), David Cameron (to give him my views on bank bonuses) and Jonathan Ive (to talk about future products and design)
Other life: If you were not a lighting designer what you would be? Architect
I can’t live if living is without? What three things…. Wine, food and the 3 women in my life