Name: Matt Ford
Occupation: Lighting Designer
Brief bio: Matt Ford is an Emmy award winning lighting designer who has worked on the lighting sets of America’s Got Talent, American Idol, the Jimmy Kimmel show and on the Britney Spears: I am the Femme Fatale TV Documentary. He started his career with Vari*Lite working as a technician on the 1991 Stevie Nicks tour before getting his first big break in 1994 as Programmer/Lighting Director for Whitney Houston. He has since worked with the likes of Diana Ross and Bob Segar before branching into television. Matt now runs Magic Lantern Creations and is one of the team behind The House on the Haunted Hill.

Inspiration: Who is your design hero? Simon Miles

Getting out of bed: Why do you do it? I love what I do and that motivates me.

Luck or hard work: How did you get your big break? Both. Hard work and putting yourself forward I think generates good things from the Universe. It gets you noticed. When people see that you are 100% into what you are doing, and not expecting something to be handed to you, opportunities are extended to you. You generate your own success. My big break was the Jimmy Kimmel show. That put me on the map as a television lighting designer.

Life: What inspires you? Light and how it behaves in nature. It’s the best lighting you will ever see.

Looking back: What project are you most proud off? The Christmas tree lighting for The White House in 2011

Relax: Cinema or Couch? Cinema

Favourites: Colour, Film and Book? Dark Blue, Blade Runner and Steven Kings’ the Stand

Technology: Apple or android? Apple of course.

Taking Notes: Handwritten or tablet? Handwritten

Dinner: If you could throw a dinner party for any three people, who would they be? Hmmm. Both my grandmothers who passed away and Steve Jobs. What a combination right?

Other life: If you were not a lighting designer what you would be? Either a cop or a flight simulator technician for an airline

I can’t live if living is without? What three things…. Health, family, and my dog