Name: Patrick Woodroffe
Occupation: Lighting designer and Show Director
Brief bio: The son of an army man, Patrick grew up in Singapore and Germany. He worked in a variety of jobs after he left school, trying his hand as a gardner, van driver and picture hanger before finding his calling in the music business. Patrick moved to Los Angeles, travelled the world with Rock stars such as Rod Stewart, Earth, Wind and Fire, Robert Palmer and ABBA, before getting married setting up home in Bath and having a family. Patrick continues to do lighting design for some of the biggest names in Music but has branched out into lighting film, opera, dance and special events.

Inspiration: Who is your design heroes? Thomas Heatherwick, James Dyson and Isambard Kingdon Brunel.
Getting out of bed: Why do you do it? Because every day has a fresh opportunity and breakfast is downstairs.
Luck or hard work: Equal parts of both. Hard work and happenstance. I was a lowly technician on a Rod Stewart tour when he fired his lighting designer and I was the only one in the room who had ever run a lighting board.
Life: What inspires you? Light in all its beauty and diverse form.
Looking back: What project are you most proud off? Usually the last one I did as more and more I find it difficult to remember what came before. I’ve just done a lovely show in America for the amazing Elton John – an uplighting experience.
Relax: Cinema or Couch? Cinema
Favourites: Colour, Film, Music and Book? White Light, the Life of Brian, Old R&B music and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen was the last book to make an impression on me.
Technology: Apple or android? Apple
Taking Notes: Handwritten or tablet? IPhone and moleskin
Dinner: If you could throw a dinner party for any three people, who would they be? James Turrell, Christina Strutt and Eric Idle
Other life: If you were not a lighting designer what you would be? An Architect or Trapeze artist
I can’t live if living is without? What three things…. My family, view from the back door and good food