This year, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with Muuto Design. We have worked with the Muuto brand for over the last year, but this year, we are making it official!

Willie Duggan strives to bring quality and style to our customers and with the addition of Muuto, we are able to add their Scandinavia style and appeal. We have used their products in many different installations, office fit outs, and restaurants and of course, the homeowner.

They work with many designers from all over Scandinavian. One such designer is Julien De Smedt. Julien is the co-founder of PLOT and is also an internationally acclaimed architect. At 29, he won the Golden Lion for designing the Stavanger Concert Hall. When working alongside Muuto, he created their renowned Stacks shelving units, I just love this design, a..maz…ing!

Some of the highlight products for me are Under the Bell shade, designed by Iskos Berlin. This eye catching piece is made from recycled plastic felt. It helps to absorb noise, improving the acoustics in large rooms. Under the Bell is available in two colours, black and grey. It is one of our bestselling pieces.

The Leaf Lamp, available in a small and large size, table and floor lamp. These have been designed by Broberg & Ridderstale. Inspiration for this comes from the leaves on a tree, depending on its positioning, it can create an iconic silhouette with the angles its head is able to move through. Its lamp source is LED, and also has a dimming function.

We have some of these amazing pieces on display in our showrooms in Kilkenny. Please feel free to visit, or give any one of our sales team a call and we can talk to you through this beautiful range.

Welcome to Ireland Muuto!

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