Scuderia Light

At Willie Duggan Lighting we carry over 1,000 lighting products from over 50 different manufacturers. We always aim to have a full complement of pieces in a range of styles to suit our customers. Our clients approach us with pared back modern buildings, new builds, refurbishments and always need lighting to match and enhance their home. In our experience one of the most popular themes is lighting with a country feel especially for country kitchens, halls and bathrooms. Country themed lighting is always in demand, indeed in our experience many of our customers come to our showroom just to look at our huge range of country styled fittings. That said not all country themed fittings are chic! -many are downright tacky with whimsical details and poor proportions. For us, when we select country style fittings we look for a few things that denote a quality well designed product. Some of the key considerations we look at when choosing these kind of fittings are:

  • Integrity of materials: We look for handmade and handcrafted materials. Hand thrown ceramic, high fired porcelain, hand spun copper or brass – whatever the material, we look for the use of talented human hands in its making.
  • Detail: God is in the detail when it comes to these types of fittings so we look for well proportioned shades, deep, beautifully rendered colours in glazes or blown glass and nicely made hanging cords and beautifully finished metalwork. Believe us – they make all the difference when it comes to how the piece looks when hung.
  • Quality: Generally we find when we work with artisan manufacturers we get the best quality pieces that last. Each year we find the best makers of small scale high quality lighting that is guaranteed to last for longer than a few years.

Tips for achieving the country look:

  • Avoid continual pattern. Use pattern sparingly and try not to use too much of one pattern across all surfaces otherwise it becomes overwhelmingly chintzy.
  • Accent the scheme with authentic accessories – old ceramics, vintage signs and good lighting. When choosing lighting don’t be afraid to go bold!
  • Choose shades that are solid in colour instead of patterned and colours that offer respite from pattern. Cream, off whites, old yellows are good but also vintage pressed glass in green, wedgwood blue and purple are good too.
  • Use less traditional colours to provide unexpected contrast – burnt orange lighting with white or limewashed wood looks fantastic, Sky blue looks great with darker greys on woodwork.

Our favourite suppliers for this look are our own Willie Duggan Lighting collection which is made to order by our partners in France. We also recommend the following fittings which are our best selling fittings in this range We’re always happy to see the results of your decoration, especially in relation to lighting. If you need any help or advice get in touch – we’re always willing to help! Willie Duggan Lighting Country Collection : A collection of rural/ rustic inspired fittings handmade for us in France. Umbrella Bracket Light The umbrella bracket wall lamp is available in a range of colours and is perfect for a country kitchen, hall or downlit area in a rustic house. The wide range of colours mean that it will be possible to accent this with most of the colours traditionally used in country inspired interiors. Read more here:
Umbrella Wall Light in Blue



Probably our most popular country style fitting, the Original Rise & Fall Pendant features a ceramic counterweight inspired by turn of the century grocery store fittings. Perfect for over a table or workspace this comes in a range of colours is easily fitted and is rustic without being over decorated.

Original Rise & Fall Pendant in Red


Italian brand Aldo Bernardi also do similar fitting in a cleaner style called the Linea Druse which is shown below. This fitting is suitable for a bathroom too. Further information is available here.

Rise & Fall Pendant - Aldo Bernardi

Aldo Bernardi are somewhat the experts in understated country style fittings – made with exacting precision using traditional methods and materials in Italy. Our favourites from this brand in addition to the above mentioned Linea Druse are the Cappe Ceiling Light which has a super quirky fluted ceramic shade available in a range of colours. This would be brilliant in a hallway over old tile floors and country style woodwork. Read more here:

Cappe Ceiling Lighting

Our last piece is the Scuderia Ceiling Light also from Aldo Bernardi which features a simple glass shade with a metal base. This would work really well as a small feature light in a series, in a kitchen, utility room or hallway. It has a slight industrial feel to it also so would work equally well in a more edgy or more clean cut interior. More here

Scuderia Light

We hope this has whetted your appetite for country styled fittings, remember this style is all about functionality with a hint of handmade. We have a much larger range of fittings to pursue on our website and we’re always happy to help with any queries you may have. Happy browsing!

PS: Remember we have hundreds of ideas on our Pinterest boards!