Jake Dyson Ariel Pendant Light Black

When we had a conversation with Jake Dyson, we had to ask the man with one of the most famous designer surnames in the world: what project are you most proud of? He replied with a coy answer: “My CSYS TASK Light but I suspect I’ll be even prouder of my next product…” The CSYS products are of course an impressive line, but here at Willie Duggan Lighting we think that what the man has come up with next is a sure future classic in the design world.

Dyson’s new range is called Ariel – named after a 1960’s British Satellite. Developed with LED technology at the forefront of his mind, the new Ariel Pendant Light is one of the most exciting new products to be seen in, not just lighting design, but in the whole world of design in a long time.

One of the main features of this new LED light is the ability to keep itself burning brightly for 37 years – a feat that hasn’t been accomplished before. This may seem far-fetched to even the bigger names in this industry but this whole new innovative technology is something that Dyson himself is eager to show off.

Jake Dyson Ariel Pendant Light White

So much innovation goes into his products that there is a 3D Printer located in their workshop (to realize any flaws in prototypes). Furthermore, so much detail goes into the creation of this pendant that even components of a computer processor are used. Impressive to say the least, but what makes this Ariel light so anticipated is the technology that goes into making it.Dyson even travelled to Malaysia to meet with the Head R&D for Osram, Dr David Lacey – Osram now manufacture the LED’s used in all of Jake Dyson’s lamps. There, he learned how his ambitions can be achieved. By placing a vacuum that takes all heat away from the LED, his latest creation came to life.

Jake Dyson Ariel Pendant Light Grey

Combining his ethos of form follows function with this new insight, it’s no surprise that his latest creation is one of simplicity yet is hugely functional. Described by the man himself as ‘an instrument that becomes beautiful when you see how it works’, the light, like all design classics, is as practical as it is visually pleasing. If you would like to see our full range of Jake Dyson products on our online shop, click here.

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