London Design Fairs 2014

When Monica, our sales and marketing manager, ventured over to London a couple of weeks ago she went to scope out some very exciting new designs in the business, bringing back with her some fantastic new names-to-know. After visiting two London design fairs; ‘100% Design’ and ‘Design Junction’, we bring you her take on the two day quest.

First up was 100% Design. Going with the intentions of discovering new designs and possible new Willie Duggan suppliers – and the odd catch up with our existing supplier friends – Monica was able to give us a very intriguing insight into the latest in the world of home decor design.

On arrival, she said it was a very ‘cool entrance’ and was ‘blown away’ by what was before her. From the wacky and the unusual to the intriguing and the innovative, 100% design definitely had more of the customer appeal to it compared to the second days show.

Walking through the neon entrance, she began by visiting every area of the show, not only seeing the lighting but also the furniture, crafts, outdoors areas to name but a few. In fact, one of the highlights of these sections was a Living Wall – a wall completely covered in plants for the eco friendly person in all of us.

Of the two fairs, Monica felt there was more of ‘an industry driven feel’ to this event. Coming across a Young Designer Lighting Competition only means one thing for us – sitting up and taking notes on the exciting bright young newbies in the industry!

To say there was a lot of different designs from one area to the next would be an understatement. A very notable item from the whole fair was a regular sized small light bulb – seen below – but look closer and you see the minds behind this genius design have managed to create a tiny little chandelier inside of each one!

Over to the next days show, Design Junction, Monica felt there was a ‘very cool and quirky feel’ about the show. If she was to pick favourites, Design Junction may be it. With more designs and visitors, it was no wonder the queue outside stretched a mile!

Inside was a hub of activity with showcases, pitchings, talks and displays. One showcase definitely worth mentioning is the Waterford Crystal one where Londoners (and our Monica) got to watch the process of how their pieces come to life.

Going to every area of this show too meant she saw – and took many pictures of – an array of impressive pieces. What was on show ranged from the likes of marble table lamps, porcelain lamp fittings and even the odd 3D printed pieces!

Overall, one main thing that Monica noticed was a certain trend that is set to feature more over the next year or so. That trend being porcelain and Terracotta. For those not too familiar with either concept of this type of design, it’s result is a beautiful look of delicately designed pieces.

With these shows finished for this year, we are already looking to the next shows to scope out some new designers for our website. Let us know what you think you would like to see more of in the lighting design world.