Jake Dyson CSYS Tall Floor Light

Brought to us by English designer Jake Dyson and his clever team my choice is the CSYS Tall Floor Light with a sleek arm that projects light down on to any surface precisely where you want it to. But to me, it is far more outstanding; designed to last for over 30 years, it is one of the most perfect reading lights with its good height and movable projection.

It would also be the perfect choice for anyone who needs a good quality light source pin pointing a specific area on a desk/tool parts/small fragile items etc.

Jake Dyson CSYS Tall Floor Light

I sometimes get the chance to work under this light in our showroom and it may be the reason that I’ve come to hugely appreciate this light as much as I do. It moves so smoothly and looks extra sleek – even when standing in competition with all of our brighter and more colourful lights.

For more general uses the CSYS Tall Floor Light is extremely practical. To get it dimming or brightening, it only requires a quick touch and it responds cleverly. Coming in a black, white or silver its colours are neutral enough to be a neat fit in my, sorry anybody’s, home or office etc.

The only downfall with this lamp in my opinion is the price tag – coming in at a cool €1006 ex VAT my own modest purse strings don’t quite reach to that level. As a task light goes, it is expensive but what you’re getting here with the CSYS is a spectacular piece of technology worth every cent that will last and last for years to come.

A part of me almost doesn’t want to see this light leave our showroom – to not have it perfectly illuminating my desk while I’m working is something that I now notice especially if I’m working on another desk elsewhere in the office.

Jake Dyson CSYS Tall Floor Light

So, this piece is an investment for anyone who truly appreciates quality. So here I am giving the secret away, to hopefully encourage you to consider to, at the very least, appreciate this light (and brand!). Please drop in to see it for yourself or have a look at others here online. While I’m off to start saving, do let us know – what are your own favourites?